Prices shown below are starting costs and may be higher depending on vehicle condition


The "Detail between Details"


Your Bi-annual maintenace detail

If your car really needs some love, this is your package. Our most popular package




Stage 1 Interior          $69/89
  • Vacuum

  • Windows Cleaned

  • All surfaces wiped

Time Required: 1 hour  

Stage 1 Exterior         $69/99
  • Foam Soak
  • 2 Bucket Wash System (prevents swirl marks) or Eco Friendly No Rinse Wash
  • Chamois Dried

  • Spray Wax applied

Time Required: 1 hour


Stage 1 Combo         $124/169

Stage I Interior/Exterior    10% DISCOUNT

Time Required: 2 hours

Stage 2 Interior       $149/189

Stage I PLUS

  • Interior detail spray used on all surfaces

    • ​Q-Tip Cleaning, Microfiber wipe

    • Cupholders cleaned

  • Leather Cleaned and Conditioned

  • Trunk vacuumed and cleaned


Time Required: 2-3 hours

Stage 2 Exterior      $210/279

Stage I PLUS

  • Wheels and wheel wells cleaned

  • Tires and exterior trim dressed with non-silicone based UV protective products

  • Single Stage Polish/ Paint Sealant

  • Door Jambs Cleaned

Time Required: 2-3 hours

Stage 2 Combo      $305/397

Stage II Interior/Exterior  15% DISCOUNT

Time Required: 4-6 hours

Stage 3 Interior    $220/300


  • Deep steam clean of all surfaces;  rejuvenated/UV protected with appropriate dressings

  • Steam Clean of all upholstery

  • Seats removed to fully clean carpets

  • Trunk shampooed and vacuumed

Time Required: 3-4 hours

Stage 3 Exterior     $375/450


  • 3 Step Decontamination

  • Polishing Compound to remove swirl marks and imperfections (machine)

  • Engine bay cleaned and dressed

  • Coat of Carnuba wax or sealant machine applied

  • Door Jambs cleaned and waxed

Time Required: 4-5 hours

Stage 3 Combo      $505/637

Stage III Interior/Exterior 15% DISCOUNT  Time Required: 6-8 hours

      A La Carte Services       


  • IGL Kenzo Ceramic Coating     +$600-900

  • Scratch and Blemish Removal  $varies

  • Stain Removal                            $varies

  • Headlight Restoration               $100

  • Odor Neutralizer                       $60+

  • Bug and Tar Removal                $25

  • Paint Correction                        $varies

  • Spot Stain Removal                   $varies

  • RVs and Boats                            $varies


Additional services are available upon request.  Please CONTACT US for a quote.