Standard Coatings

  • Halo EFX, Plasti Dip

  • Sprayed on with High end Automotive Paint System in a Automotive Spray Booth

  • 100% Removable

  • Matte and Satin Finishes

  • Protects Original Paint

  • Not gas and solvent resistant

  • Limitless Colors

  • Lasts 1-3 Years

  • Smooth, vinyl like finish

  • No seams or adhesives

  • DIY removal

  • Takes 1-3 days to complete 

  • Detail Product Package available for all Liquid Wraps

  • Prices start at $899


Premium Coatings

  • Halo EFX True Gloss, AutoFlex

  • Sprayed on with High end Automotive Paint System in a Automotive Spray Booth

  • 100% Removable

  • Matte, Satin, Semi Gloss, High Gloss Finishes

  • Halo EFX True Gloss,  AutoFlex Coatings

  • Extreme Paint Protection

  • Gas and Solvent Resistant

  • OEM and Show Car Finishes

  • Limitless Colors, including Candy

  • Conservatively will last 3-6 Years

  • Slick paint look and feel

  • Wet Sandable, Buffable and Waxable

  • No seams or adhesives

  • Pro removal recommended

  • Takes 2-4 days to complete

  • Detail Product Package available for all Coatings

  • Prices start at $1899


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So what exactly are they?

Liquid Wraps are an affordable paint protection and vehicle customization option. Since the product is sprayed on you get a seamless, durable, economical finish for your vehicle. Our process is similar to applying standard automotive paint yet is 100% removable without factory paint damage at a fraction of the cost of a vinyl wrap or paint job. ZERO sanding or primer is needed to apply the product and removal can be done by the owner, but is suggested to be done professionally.  Elite Auto Coatings is the absolute best way to protect your vehicle and wheels against the dangers we face every day including road salts, mag chloride, gravel, debris, and even your neighbor kids! Unlike 3M bra and vinyl, our product does not leave behind adhesive which you can spend hours removing!


We are the first authorized installers approved by Halo EFX and in New England. We have won multiple awards with our work.  With countless vehicles completed, we pride ourselves in giving our customers a great experience with support, care, and the highest quality work that lasts. We have over 1000 different color options for you to choose, from original matte finishes, pearls, and crazy chameleons all which can be mixed to create your own custom color!  Also, we are proud to announce each full vehicle quote has the option for 3 or 6 month ZERO interest payment plans. Our goal is to make vehicle customization and protection an affordable option for everyone.


Not only is the product durable and removable when applied properly, it will protect your original finish in all conditions as well....including the nasty salty/sandy/icey New England winters.



  • Full Car Wraps

  • Wheel Wraps

  • Hood Wraps

  • Roof Wraps

  • Trunk Wraps

  • Emblems Wraps

  • Trim Wraps

  • Grille Wraps

  • Valence Wraps

  • Interior Trim Wraps


-Team Elite